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A Toll Processing Solution That Tracks Everything — So You Waste Nothing

Easily manage processing and extraction  

Track every phase of production & manufacturing 

Easy-to-use software to keep you compliant 

Improve customer relations while saving time and resources 

4.5 Rated Excellent

Standardize And Optimize Operational Efficiencies

KLER Processing can help to standardize your operation and drive up production throughout each and every stage of extraction. By logging critical data that is associated with each run, KLER’s powerful data and analytics tools can generate real time dashboards and insight into areas of inefficiency and can produce actionable insights as to how to resolve it. 

Mitigate Risks Associated with Errors and Compliance    

  • Customized workflows to fit your operations with easy to implement quality assurance methods and guide rails readily available should you wish to employee them.
  • KLER provides track and traceability and detailed batch management records for unseen problems, like recalls, should they arise as the system is in place while using KLER Processing.  

Increased Transparency 

  • KLER Track is our newest module that aims to improve upon customer relations by building trust through transparency. 
  • Utilizing KLER Track your customers gain real time access and visibility to all things related to their contract or order. Provide real time updates associated with each phase of extraction as you process their product throughout variously phases of extraction. 

Take the Hassle out of Toll Processing  

  • KLER Processing takes the hassle out of Toll Processing. So whether you charge a flat ratecharge by weightor offer splits, KLERS all in on Toll Processing solutions can bring efficiency and transparency to your operations. 
  • KLER easily manages consignment inventory with cost tracking and bill creation.   

KLER offers exponentially more reporting options that capitalize on the data collected.  KLER gives us the insight we need to make well informed business decisions.  I would recommend KLER to any new or established cannabis operation. "

    Paula, Director of Operations, Infusion  

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