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Toll Processing

KLER CBD tracks every component in our Toll Processing solution so nothing is wasted. Manage extraction of CBD, production of CBD infused food and beverages, and exploit the zero-waste potential of hemp.

Toll Processing

KLER has taken Toll Processing to the next level of efficiency. In addition to KLER Processing, the Toll Processing module further reduces the pain of customer inventory management. 

In most systems a Toll Processing order would need a purchase order to receive the product, production orders to process the material, and a sales order to send back the finished material and bill the service fees. 

With KLER, when a new Toll Processing order is placed it automatically receives the product, stages the processing, and bills the service fees all in one document. 

End to end inventory tracking by customer order further enhances inventory visibility. You can manage service fees by material processed, splits, or any combination of the two.


Production with Biomass in mind - with product manufacturing you are primarily creating products based on demand. With Biomass there is a continual production of all Biomass based on availability of supply. 

KLER easily handles supply based production and even forecasts future products based on previous production. 

Beyond Biomass - whether you process in-house or contract out, KLER provides the tracking you require to manage every phase of your manufacturing operation. 

Create edibles, cartridges, capsules, lotions, and more with raw material tracking and cost accountability. Manage production efficiencies and drive profitability throughout your business.

Hemp Industry Toll Processing Software

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“After reviewing several competing cannabis products, we decided to partner with KLER for our cultivation, manufacturing operations and dispensaries. 

KLER offers exponentially more reporting options that capitalize on the data collected.  KLER gives us the insight we need to make well informed business decisions.

 I would recommend KLER to any new or established cannabis operation.”

Paula – Infusion Director of Operations